Philly Cheese Steak

This will be a short entry because I need to lay down and try to sleep for the two hours or so I have before we need to check out of the hotel and load the bus to drive to JFK airport in New York. I am currently in a very cozy hotel room in Philadelphia, PA. Today was what the Peace Corps calls staging. To put it simply, this is where we get a brief but intense orientation to the Peace Corps’ expectations for its volunteers and our first opportunity to reflect on our choice to serve.

Registration began at 12:30pm and what followed was a day filled with ice-breakers, hilarious skits, horribly done marker sketches, questions, and most importantly…getting to know each other. There are 27 of us at the moment – half are health volunteers and half are education volunteers. One miraculous thing was how quickly the anxiety and nerves melted away once we were all sitting in a room together socializing. We suddenly realized that we are not in this thing alone – on the contrary, we are accompanied by some pretty fabulous people.

After the orientation sessions ended at 7pm we all hit the town to grab some dinner and enjoy our last evening in the States. Let me tell ya, there is nothing like jamming about nine people into a single booth in a little pub to bring strangers close together. I felt it was necessary to sample the steak and cheese sandwich since I am in Philly after all. Delicious.

We all plan to sleep as much as possible on the fifteen hour flight to South Africa and the subsequent three hour flight to Madagascar. Let the journey begin!


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  1. Sara (sister)
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 18:37:10

    Hey sister, so glad to hear that you and your fellow Peace Corpians are getting to know each other and are finding fellowship together. Makes me feel relieved and happy for you. Already sounds like quite an adventure just meeting everyone and having orientation. I bet the sandwich was awesome. Hope your plane seat is comfortable and you have a window seat so you see everything you’re flying over. I’m so glad you got to write. I miss you terribly already. But I’m so proud of you. Hope to hear from you soon. On my second letter to you. We love and miss you Mimi!!


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